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INTEGRATIVE HEALTH PRACTITIONER EXPERIENCE: 1998 - 2003 and 2008 - Present, Scarborough, Maine. 1994 - 1998, Hoshino Therapy Clinic, Boulder, Colorado. 1979- 1980, Hoshino Therapy Clinic, Boulder, Colorado. 1982 - 1990, Hoshino Therapy Clinic, Aspen, Colorado. · Provided cranial-sacral therapy, myofascial release, shiatsu-based massage, homeopathy, and herbal therapy. · Worked with a wide variety of clients with structural disorders or degenerative diseases. · Developed and administered treatments and taught clients exercise regimens.

2005, Therapist/Consultant, North Kohala Medical Clinic, North Kohala, Hawaii.

1993, Structural Therapist and Movement Coach, Indiana Pacers, Indianapolis, Indiana. · Assisted both team and individual players over a 6-month period, cultivating efficiency in movement and rehabilitating injuries. · Worked with the team the first year they got into the league playoffs.

RELATED EXPERIENCE: 2004 - 2007, Massage Therapist, Hilton Waikoloa Village, Waikoloa, Hawaii.

2004, Host, Health Talk, Scarborough, Maine. · Interviewed health practitioners on a local access tv show appearing every three weeks.

1999 - 2000, Instructor/Massage Therapist, the Bay Club, Portland, Maine. · Taught structural awareness and chigong.

1980 - 1990, Health Consultant/Head of Security/Cook, John Denver, Aspen, Colorado. · Provided health consultant services to John Denver and a 40-person entourage, including diet, exercise regimens, and meditation. · Served as liaison with organizations and interviewers, including Windstar Foundation, the Hunger Project, and the Cousteau Society.

EDUCATION: 1972, BS in Marine Engineering, Maine Maritime Academy, Castine, Maine.

CERTIFICATIONS: 2001, Certified in Herbalist Practice by Matthew Wood, Marblehead, Massachusetts. 1999, Certified in Homeopathy (3 year program), Dr. Robin Murphy, HANA (Hahnemann Academy of North America), Pagosa Springs, Colorado. 1979, Certified in Massage Therapy, Gainesville School of Massage Therapy, Gainesville, FL. 1977 - 1979, Certified in Hoshino Therapy, Professor Tomedzo Hoshino, Miami, Florida: studied the manipulation of soft tissue to facilitate pain reduction and ease of movement for patients with arthritis and related structural disorders.

TRAINING: 2006, Apprenticed with Judith Aston on Aston-Patterning, Big Island of Hawaii. 2001, Kosho Karate Black Belt (6 year program), Sensei Bryan LaBrecque, Biddeford, Maine. 1992, Study of Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Upledger Institute, Boulder, Colorado. 1988 - 1992, Apprenticed with Steven Young/Virginia Satir in the study and practice of family therapy, Boulder, Colorado. 1974 - 1977, Apprenticed with Dr. Timothy Binder, Chiropractor/Naturopath, in the study of Structural Integration, Boulder, Colorado. 1974 - 1977, Apprenticed with Dr. George Graf, Chiropractor, in the study of Homeopathy, Boulder, Colorado. 1974 - 1981, Apprenticed with Dr. Reshad Field in the study of Geomancy, Flower Essences, and Esoteric Healing, Boulder, Colorado.

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