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    My hands-on skills have been developing over the course of three decades with intermittent clinical experience in the study of structural imbalances such as the degenerative diseases of Arthritis and related structural disorders.  I am also experienced with fine tuning performance professionals such as Dancers, Musicians and Athletes so I have a knowledgeable understanding of the Body/Mind continuum when it is at its peak condition as well as in its most degenerative state.  I work with different modalities such as Hoshino Therapy which is a refined form of Shiatsu, Myofascial release work, and Therapeutic Touch, which is working with the craniosacral rhythm of the body.  My purpose with all clients is to help restore and promote the Vital Force of the body by removing its resistance to alignment.. This equally helps to release the accompanying resistances of the Mind. Living in a Body/Mind/Spirit continuum I do not see the body as a separate entity.  It is constantly changing and evolving.

    Concerning the above hands-on or manual therapies, Hoshino Therapy (Read article on Tomezo Hoshino) is my principle and dominant therapy as I find it to be most effective for a wide cross section of conditions.  It is an expression of Oriental Philosophy utilizing as many as 250 specific points in a given treatment.  The points are found along the tendon fiber of the muscles, and coincide with energy pathways called meridians.  The experience of receiving a Hoshino Therapy treatment is like increasing the electrical or vitality system of the body.  Even after one treatment there is a noticeable to a dramatic improvement from before. 

           My clinical training with Hoshino Therapy began with the study of Osteo-arthritis in the Florida Clinics but was not limited to working only on Arthritis.  Long before the idea of “Sports Therapy” became popular, our clinics were treating sports injuries and basic tonify ing treatments to athletes from the surrounding High Schools, Universities and Professional teams such as the Miami Dolphins.  As therapists, we were trained to discern the quality of a muscle from its most vital condition to the beginnings of debility that Professor Hoshino called Arthrosis.  Treatments would include accompanying exercises to insure rehabilitation and longevity to a given joint area. 

           Holistic health has to do with taking the whole person into perspective and providing the necessary education to maintain a level of awareness in Self Care.  Self Care is a prerequisite to the strengthening of health and well being.  It includes a movement regiment that keeps the body and mind in harmony such as Yoga, Martial Arts, or exercises that are cardiovascular.  Walking or jogging in fresh air with deep breathing can do more than most health clubs can offer. Along with movement is a nutritional component to health.  This is easier than it sounds when common sense is applied to the “choice of food department”.  But then again, yesterday’s common sense has become today’s mysticism, so a little review on the basics wouldn’t hurt.

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