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New Beginnings...

    In the past 40 years I have been trained in numerous modalities designed to free the body of pain and maintain a healthy structural alignment. I am proficient in the art of hands on therapy as well as homeopathy, herbal medicine and nutrition. As a therapist, I employ a number of hands on modalities from a refined form of Shiatsu called Hoshino therapy, to myofascial or soft tissue release to the new frontiers of cranial sacral therapy.

    All of these therapies blend into a given treatment. If you are suffering with bodily pains that restrict your natural movements, impair your sleeping, as well as your creative expressions, I may be able to help you both with obvious relief and with movements that can restore and maintain your alignment.

    I can say that you will feel better after a given treatment as you will gain confidence with each step you take towards improving your health. The following is a more lengthy description of my work in the context of a story some of you may be familiar with. To make an appointment call Ron at: 207-415-6715

Back in Boulder

    Maybe it’s Chief Niwot’s curse or simply following our children out west,
Chris and I are living again in Boulder after 16 years. We arrived in the time of the flood and managed to settle in Gunbarrel. Back in Maine we lived on Gunstock Rd, near Old Musket and we don’t even own a gun. I imagine in a parallel universe there’s a gun toter that lives on Fairy Lane in Peaceful Valley but for now, Boulder is as good of a place to be until the deck is shuffled again.

    At this time I would like to continue practicing the healing arts and sciences that began this journey about 40 years ago here in Boulder. When I first arrived in Boulder in the early 70’s, it was a true Renaissance. Many guilds that have become Institutions, such as Rolfing, Feldenkrais, Hakomi, Alexander Technique, Position Technic, etc., had their humble beginnings here in Boulder.

    Back then it was quite colorful as the alchemy of East and West teachings were all meeting through teachers that actually came from far away lands to be here in Boulder. East Indian gurus came and taught yoga, meditation, Ayurvedic medicine and the ancient teachings of Sanskrit. West indigenous Indians, taught us their herbal wisdom, cleansing ceremonies of the Sweat Lodge, and a more shamanistic connection with Mother Earth. The Chinese influence introduced Acupuncture, the Five Elements, hard and soft forms of martial arts and Chinese medicine. The Japanese influence introduced Macrobiotics, Shiatzu, and Zen mind, beginner’s mind and related spatial disciplines. Tibetan wisdom arrived with the Venerable Trungpa Rinpoche, full of color and magic and the beginning of Shambala.

    One of the first and best Natural Food stores in the country, the Green Mountain Grainery alongside with Green Mountain Herbs was on Arapahoe and 9th Street, around the same time that Celestial Seasoning began to show signs of greatness as a business. Homeopathy was experiencing a new revival, Bach Flower Remedies, Aromatherapy, Sufi dancing, Magic Music, Orchestra of the Clouds, Karma Dzong, the Whirling Dervishes, Aerobics, Mime and even high wire acts, jugglers and storytellers in the Mall, were streams of consciousness that revealed Boulder as an energy center, an American chakra.

    I was blessed to be part of this great unfolding. The common denominator was that we were all learning ways to make our lives more meaningful, healthier, happier and spiritual. It was the beginning of an “Alternative” lifestyle and it did pose a threat to the conventional lifestyle of push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks and western medicine. Since this formative time of new beginnings, many of the above mentioned healing arts and sciences spread across the country and empowered people with knowledge of themselves.

    In the eighties, Chiropractic, Osteopathic and Naturopathic practices opened everywhere and by the end of the decade the word Alternative medicine grew into Complimentary medicine as an evolution of sorts, in effort to work with doctors and reduce their workload with the common sense of treating and teaching people preventive means for staying healthy.

    In the eighties I traveled with John Denver across the country and around the world and saw first hand the mushroom effects of health food stores, yoga centers, martial arts schools, acupuncture clinics etc., in every town USA. On and off the road with JD, I was his cook, therapist and bodyguard. I shopped almost every day for natural foods. Believe it or not, in 1980 the pickings were slim as a health store then was more of a protein powder pill store. But each successive year, on a new concert tour with John, I would notice new health food stores and healing art centers, double and triple in towns and cities from the year before. It was happening then and still is today. In today’s world of wholesome organic foods and natural medicine, the term complimentary medicine and healing arts have elevated to the word “Integrative” medicine or therapies. It comes down to this: So many people are sick from environmental poisons, technology appendages, GMO contamination, high sugar intake, excessive use of prescription drugs etc., that it is necessary to “integrate” natural means and nutrition to keep people out of the hospitals and graves. On a positive note, many doctors are embracing natural means of health building as part of their practice and their lifestyle. Yeah!

Present Day

    This month will begin my 40th year in exploring, discovering and practicing the Healing Arts and Sciences. Since my time in Boulder I have learned a great deal about the human body and it’s fluid nature. The Bodywork I do serves to unravel fascial fixations or tensions in the Body/Mind continuum, and enables suppleness and vitality in allowing creativity to be expressed Time will tell. My modalities range from deep soft tissue manipulation of myofascial release to a refined form of Shiatsu to the new frontiers of Cranial-Sacral rhythm. Honestly, I never know what form of therapy I will use for a given condition but I trust it’s what’s needed when I start working. That’s why I’m not offering a menu to choose from. I only invite you to trust the process and experience the change. Within a given treatment I may suggest homeopathy, herbal and nutritional supplementation, as well as send you home with exercises in structural or motor sensory awareness so you don’t have to come back as soon to the “Last Stop Cafe”.

    I also offer a consultation that may involve a look into medical Astrology that does not involve the world of glamour. Reflections of inner and outer views from the standpoint of rhythmic cycles is a valuable asset, especially in these times when change is the soup du jour, so to speak. The best waves are caught when the tide is coming in and although the waves look as good when the tide is going out, catching one takes more effort. Every surfer knows this, just as a farmer knows the moon and planting. In the context of a consultation, I may use homeopathy as well as herbology and nutrition, or all three. As for nutrition, rather than focus on protein, carbs and fats, or watching calories, it will essentially come down to understanding the energetics of food. Eliminating sugars and processed or denatured foods, is a good start. I would like to think that some of what I have to offer is educational and easily adaptable to daily living.

    Another aspect of my work is teaching Wun-Jo movements that I’ve been both practicing and developing for the past twenty-eight years. These movements are a distillation of the essences of Dance, Yoga and Martial Arts. Although I have a very limited supply of trainers, it may be the perfect program in restoring range of motion, coordination and strength to anyone from a klutz to a ballerina. To learn more about it, go and click on the You Tube icon for a visual demo.

    Last but not least, I am honored to be back in Boulder if only to give back the teachings that influenced my path of discovery and continued learning. You can reach me through this website via e-mail or call me at; 207-415-6715 I look forward to meeting you.

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