#7               CATCH and RELEASE


          Stand a little wider than shoulder width apart.  From an outstretched position of the right arm, toss the water directly in front of you in the horizontal plane.  Receive the water on the left side catching the Flo with an open hand between the thumb and fingers. From an outstretched position of the left arm, release the Flo by tossing the water and closing your left hand with a flick of the wrist sending the water through the Flo in the horizontal plane.  Receive the water on the right side catching the Flo with an open hand.  Pivot on the pads of the toes, lifting the heels to allow the whole body to twist with ease. Breathe with the rhythm of the movement, exhaling at the extreme end of the stretch.



*** This movement combines the aspects and benefits of Front Flo and Rotational movements and allows the body to experience its most extreme lateral twist, naturally and comfortably.  Athletes from all sports can use this movement to increase and improve their performance level.  Catch and Release stretches, strengthens and awakens the intercostals muscles of the ribs, the erector spinae muscles of the spine, serratus magnus, psoas major and quadratus lumborum muscles of the trunk.  Performed in both vertical and horizontal planes this movement is the primary movement of a well executed Golf swing. 




                   #8               Figure 8   


                    In the same position of Catch and Release, toss the water from the right side, horizontally over and around the head catching the Flo on the opposite side.  Repeat movement from the left side to the right. Begin with a horizontal loop and then toss the water diagonally and eventually initiate the movement in a vertical plane.  In the vertical plane begin from behind the body, laterally, around the head and behind to the opposite side.

             Breathe and relax, as if you are being moved by the Flo.


*** This movement is the last of the foundational movements but begins the next level of movements by adding the extra step of looping around the head to Catch and Release.  Figure 8 is also called the Lemniscate or the Infinity symbol.  When performed perfectly, Figure 8 begins to shift the awareness of the user into a true body~mind experience. The Flo begins to manipulate the movement of the body rather than the body governing the Flo.  This allows greater sensory adaptation, appreciation and whole bodymindfulness.