#5               STEP’n Flo


          Start by positioning your feet shoulder width apart and keeping them flat.  With a slight forward toss of the Flo bag, step over and touch your toes to the ground.  Bend the knee of the opposite leg as you step over.  Alternate legs, step in, and step out.  For a greater workout, lean back and step over, extending the leg forward and touching the ground with heels.

                                   Inhale, exhale, move with the rhythm.


*** Step’n Flo focuses on developing the necessary strength, coordination and balance of the legs.  As one progresses with this pattern the movement becomes a gentle but powerful balancing exercise, neutralizing the effects of prolonged sitting or standing by stretching and vitalizing muscles of the legs and abdomen.  This movement is a great toner for the Quadriceps, internal and external obliques and the major psoas muscles.



                   #6               OVERHEAD



          Place your feet comfortably wider than shoulder width apart and toes pointing straight.  Begin by tossing the Flo bag from between your legs in front, bending your knees and swinging the Flo straight out in front of your body, overhead and behind, letting it swing back through your legs bending your knees. With knees bent push away from the ground and send the water up and over to the front of the body.  The cues are:

          Up and over, down and back. Bend your knees to where you are comfortable then push away from the ground as you send the Flo with your arms up and over, down and back.

                        Breathe to the natural rhythm of the movement.     



*** This movement allows you to explore the area above the head by extending the arms within one’s comfort range.  Directing the Flo behind and through the legs, one develops the kinesthetic or sixth sense, becoming more acutely aware of the whole back side of the body.  This movement especially strengthens and increases the articulation of the shoulder girdle.