#1                          FRONT FLO


                    Place your feet with toes pointing outwardly slightly bending your knees.  Start by moving the water through the Flo gently from side to side.  Initiate movement with both hands and feet while shifting your weight from one leg to the other along with the water.  Extend one hand outwardly to follow the water keeping the other hand slightly flexed.

                                  Palms up, palms down, palms alternate

                             Breathe rhythmically and listen to the water

                                  Feel your body move with the water.



      This movement focuses on shifting weight from side to side, keeping the heels grounded with smooth action of water through the Flo.  It is a whole body movement initiated from the ground up and cultivates coordination, rhythm and balance. This movement strengthens the anterior and medial deltoids, biceps, forearms and wrists.  It especially develops our basic stance, integrating a full range of motion with the ankles and knees, as well as wrists, elbows, neck and shoulders.





                    #2                   BACK FLO



 Place the Flo behind you and grasp the straps with thumbs keeping the fingers outstretched.  Your feet are positioned wider than the front wave with toes pointing outwardly.  Like the front wave allow the weight of your body to shift from side to side pushing away from the ground as you initiate movement with the water in the Flo.  Bend your knees to accommodate the outstretch of the movement.

                       Breathe with the rhythm of your movement and invite as many muscle groups as can involved in this movement.


* The BACK FLO allows the user to assume a stance which utilizes muscles of the ankles, arms, shoulders and neck.  One can easily isolate the triceps and trapezius muscles with this movement as well as extend and lengthen the outward reach.   The back flo and its variations promote balance and stability to the general posture and awakens the kinesthetic sense of awareness to the posterior region of the body.